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    my favourite muslims in the world are those who smile at you when they see you and come up to you and say asalaam alaikum and shake your hand may Allah allow me to accept their salaams in Jannah because that’s where they belong. 

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    Jaden chill.

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    This guy was the leader of the improv comedy group I was in

    who the fuck carries fake blood everywhere

    leaders of improv comedy groups obviosuly

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  8. Watching the news and seeing people struggling to barely feed themselves. You feel sorry for their hardships and struggle. You grow sympathetic. Then you check your phone and carry on with your life. Comparing yourself to your friends and the people around you. Believing what you think they are, to be who they are. Struggling to barely see anything past what your not or don’t have. You fall into a hole of negative thoughts about yourself. Now your living in a world of acquiring praise to justify your existence. You post selfies and fish for likes because your value to other people and how they see you, is what you’re most worried about. You dress according to the latest fashion trend because you show yourself as society wants to see you. You act the way society wants you to act. There is nothing wrong with that, accept the fact that your doing this out of your need to feed your deprived soul of contentment. . .

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    Sen ordan bir canım dersin;
    benim kalbim kaburgamın
    altına sığmaz burda.

    - Can Yücel

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